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Ambergris is the perfect tonic for stimulating the Pancreas and thereby addressing Diabetes.
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AMBERGRIS is the perfect tonic for stimulating your Pancreas,                      and balancing the pH balance of your sugar and blood,                      which then addresses your Diabetes.



This is a phenomenal formula whether you are on insulin, the pill or just elevated blood sugar levels due to the chemicals in the foods we eat and drink every single day.





Healthy Body is proud to introduce Ambergris. Ambergris is the perfect tonic for stimulating the pancreas and thereby addressing diabetes. 



A small amount of tonic is suggested as a daily dose to correct the sugar imbalance present for a diabetic condition and it is extremely helpful for the balance of sugar and blood.


Also Ambergris may also be helpful for Diabetic Nerve Pain, Back Pain, etc.



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Ambergris Ambergris

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