Stimulate Lymphatic System


If you are not moving, the Lymph system is not moving, and everything becomes stagnant.


CANCER CELLS travel through the lymph system.


LYMPHANIQUE pulls toxins like aluminum, which clogs up our receptor sites, and is in deodorant, out of the body.

Cell cleanser.                                                     


Pulls toxins out of your blood, etc.                                                      


Unclogs the lymph nodes, and keeps them drained.


It helps to prevent Blood Clots.


Cleanses the cells.


It helps with weight loss.


Regulates the pH balance of the alkalinity and acid in your blood.


Protects against Breast  Cancer



Extremely helpful for people who are



stationary at a desk

taxi driver

tractor-trailer driver

bus driver

limited movement

a lazy couch potato.







6 oz.  $135.

4 oz.  $95.

3 oz.  $80.

2 oz.  $60.

1 oz.  $40.

1/2 oz.  $30.


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